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The brutality of this act has no doubt shaken the very foundation of Vatican City, including the millions of Catholics and Christians who attend church regularly, and pay homage to their faith and perhaps seek sanctuary, a safe haven, and a refuge from the daily conflicts of an ever-increasing complex life.

However that all changed on Sunday for a little church The Saint-Etienne du church, in Normandy, France when unbridled evil stormed the altar and forced 84-year old Father Jacques Hamel to his knees and slit his throat on camera as he was conducting Mass.

The evil came disguised in the form of a 19-year old ISIS terrorist named Adel Kermiche who shouted seconds before he beheaded the elderly priest

"You Christians, you kill us”

The attackers shouted Islamist slogans including “Daesh” — Arabic for ‘Islamic State’ and “Jihad.”

The eye-witness attack of the brutal murder was recounted by a nun who miraculously escaped the carnage, giving investigators graphic details of how the Islamic barbarians forced Father Jacques to kneel at the altar before slitting his throat, and then began an Arabic sermon from the altar and over the murdered priest.

It was also reported that the terrorists were carrying fake guns and explosives.

Ironically this evil individual was well-known to law enforcement, and was actually wearing an electric ankle monitor, at the time of the attack which chronicled his every movement.

He was also twice arrested for attempting to flee France to join ISIS in Syria.

Kermiche was killed outside the church, and police arrested several suspects thought to be accomplices, which of course begs the question “what’s wrong with France?”

Obviously this country like most of Europe is incapable of protecting it’s citizens, and should be a warning to all of us, that allowing undocumented Muslim refugees into America is in effect putting the knife into the hands of evil, and that’s perhaps the reason why many Americans have decided that Donald Trump will stop the madness of allowing our country to be another Normandy, France.

Rest in peace good Father Jacques.

Source: Daily Mail

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