Muslims burning Danish flag

Denmark is the place of terrors unspeakable. At least according to refugees “fleeing” the ISIS/ISIL war of the Middle East.

So what’s going on in Denmark that is so awful?

Denmark wants to keep track of the immigrants coming into their country. They want to fingerprint them rather than just let them have free-for-all access throughout their nation.

“We flipped twice in a boat, and we suffered at the hands of gangs, for them to bring us here and fingerprint us?” asked Palestinian immigrant, Umm Mohammad.

The un-mitigated horror.

“We’ll only fingerprint in the country we want” he went on.

These “peaceful” people just want to cross Denmark, without identification, into Sweden. Denmark has a treaty to uphold with Sweden that does not allow for open-borders with Sweden. The Danes detained the immigrants, who quickly resorted to their Middle Eastern ways and violently overthrew the police. Interestingly, the Danish police were not allowed to defend themselves.

The choice, Umm Mohammad, would appear to be, get fingerprinted and submit via integration into the society of your new homeland, or go back to your country origin where you will be kept track of…seeing as how it is easy to do that when one is holding your head, separated from your body. You won’t be immigrating anywhere after that.

Being a refugee means seeking refuge. It does not mean riding in on your high horse and telling the benevolent country willing to give you a fresh start in life, how it’s going to be.

Immigrants, get over yourselves, or go home and fix your problems there and leave the rest of the world out of it.

Denmark…un-armed police dealing with Middle Eastern militant refugees bent on violence? Really?

h/t: Daily Caller


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