What do you get a spoiled girl from Australia for her wedding day? Apparently you give her a dowry that includes an automatic weapon. That is the story of Zehra Duman, 21.

Zehra, previously of Melbourne, Australia, was a normal young adult living the cozy life in Australia. Fast forward all of three months and she is the new bride to the terrorist Mahmoud Abullatif. Their marriage was announced on December 11th via Twitter and Facebook.

Where does a spoiled child meet a terrorist in Australia? Zehra met Abullatif at one of Australia's top night spots. He had a reputation for being one of the countries richest playboys. He also had another reputation, that of being the nephew of the terrorist Hany Taha, one of the people originally charged with plotting to blow up part of Melbourne.

Is this the new thing for bored spoiled kids to do? Australia should be ashamed of itself for allowing known terrorists freely inside of their borders. Not only were the terrorist groups inside of the Australian borders, but they were flaunting their blood money in the rich circles of Australia. It appears that money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy a good time and a bride in Australia no matter what the person does for a living.

Duman's parents insist this isn't the same girl they knew a few months ago, but offer no explanation on why they let their child date a known terrorist just because he had money to throw around. Isn't it funny that when the Muslim extremist was spending money and time with their daughter in Australia, the parents did nothing to intervene, but once that money stopped coming in and their daughter left them for Syria, then the parents became vocally upset, calling her "brainwashed".

For Duman's part, she is not being a quiet little bride. Born into the Muslim faith, it was a very little jump for her to call for the death of Non-Muslim women once she left Australia. Her Twitter and Facebook accounts have been active with non-stop Muslim hate speech mostly tagged with #TheIslamicState.

Australia is one of the more liberal countries in the free world. Many of our Democrats hail them as the place to emulate. How fitting that they ended up supporting a country who welcomes terrorists with open arms and gives their citizens away as Jihadist Brides. I guess being a whore for money is something the Democrats can connect with.



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