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Perhaps the easiest way to understand the Islamic culture, is to understand its principles, its history, and its laws, and in particular it’s universal treatment of woman, gays, Christians and Jews, under the overall umbrella of “SHARIA” which may encompass and implement (depending on the various tribes, sects and nationalities) different degrees of “SHARIA” and perhaps even reference it by another name, however the one common denominator is the subjection of it’s victims.

In 1923 Turkey created its own form of “SHARIA” known as “Diyanet” perhaps in theory to distinguish itself as a newly formed “modern Turkey” however with the same medieval barbarian principles of “SHARIA.

And apparently they’ve succeeded particularly within their new website referencing the subjection of children and woman, by issuing a fatwa, or religious ruling, which grants a father of a young girl the right to sexually assault his daughter, stating that the sexual assault doesn’t violate Islamic religious law, provided the female child is over 9-years old.

The website is apparently interactive and designed to answer questions by its perverse Muslim followers, one asking: “Would my marriage be void if I lust for my own daughter?”

The answer by the Islamic scholar suggested that this was not an easy answer saying: “There is a difference of opinion on the matter among Islam’s different schools of thought,” he asserted.

“For some, a father kissing his daughter with lust or caressing her with desire has no effect on the man’s marriage.”

What is obvious for those of us living within a civil society that respects the rights of all individuals is that whether you call it “Sharia” or “Diyanet” this is a vile and barbaric culture that must be once again driven back, to whatever hell hole they crawled out of.




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