Last month Florida gun store owner Andrew Hallinan received a lot of national attention when he declared that his gun store and shooting range would be closed to Muslim followers. In a move typical of its activist nature, the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR for short, recently launched a lawsuit seeking to force Hallinan to rescind his declaration and face penalties.

CAIR's chairman said that Hallinan's actions were akin to "segregation" and said that "This is a part of Islamophobia that we need to challenge."

Luckily, Hallinan has already engaged legal help, perhaps because someone tipped him off that CAIR would most definitely get involved after his declaration. Hallinan is currently being represented by Robert Muise, a lawyer from the American Freedom Law Center, a group that is trying to defend Judeo-Christian ideals in America.

Part of Hallinan's reasoning for making his gun store and shooting range inaccessible to Muslims comes from the arguments of Jan Morgan, a gun store owner who recently made the same declaration that her store was off-limits to Muslims.

Morgan's reasoning, though claiming to be focused on teachings in the Koran that advocate Muslims to kill non-believers, is surprisingly simple. She states that because Islam is the melding of religion, politics, and legal actions it is no longer capable of being considered a religion. Instead it is a theocracy, which isn't covered by the protections of the First Amendment.

While Morgan is quick to define Islam as a theocracy, that doesn't mean that the Justice Department and other appointed judges and court systems will agree with her. However, neither does that make her arguments wrong.

Islam is continuing to grow at a massive rate across the world and most practitioners are peaceful people who probably don't even want to go to a gun range. But then there is ISIS and those who are actively trying to join and assist the terror group.

Perhaps Hallinan and Morgan are looking farther ahead than the Obama administration and see the end game of ISIS. Either way, they're doing their part to stop it.

h/t: Eagle Rising

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