[CORRECTION: This report erroneously stated that AFIC's President Keysar Trad himself had accepted a $1 million gift from King Fahd to establish the school. The federation was the recipient of the gift and not Mr. Trad. Trad was not part of the organization when that gift was made. We apologize for this inaccuracy.]

It appears that Australia’s largest Muslim school has refused to hand back land after it was found guilty of misappropriating taxpayer funds along with  being stripped of it’s $19-million dollars in government funding.

The dispute was upheld by Australia’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal on Thursday regarding the federal government claim last February that Sydney’s Fahd Islamic school had misappropriated tax payer money, thus stripping the school of $19-million dollars of additional government founding.

The funding was pulled after a review of 6-schools affiliated with the AFIC and their concerns about how the federal funds are being managed; at issue is how those in charge are consistently failing to comply with basic and governance standards.

The school however is expected to continue the appeals process and will also continue pocketing whatever government funds it has, while the legal battle plays out.

On Friday the school council implored the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils relinquish the grounds to the community.

The issue stems back to 1989 when Saudi monarch Malek Fahd donated millions of dollars to the Islamic administrative body to build the school.


According to the school council, “The latest newsletter from the school board calling on AFIC to hand over ownership of school an attempt to take ownership of community property without proper justification,” said AFIC's President Keysar Trad.

He admitted the federation established the school with a $1 million gift from King Fahd, but refused they should be expected to concede the land.

'We are the landlord, they are the tenant, we always have been. The school council has cancelled every meeting we have requested with them.'

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal ruled this week the school at Green Acres was “at minimum' run for profit and not a fit and proper organization”. And although improvements were made in how the school was managed, there was an “ongoing burden of the un-commercial arrangements with AFIC”.

Moreover the school is 80%t government funded and this ruling may now be force hundreds of teachers and staff out of work and displacing 2,400 students.

Do you think this Muslim school should be shut down for not complying with rules for spending on education only?

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Source: Daily Mail

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