Not content with its brutal and inhuman treatment of the people of Iraq, ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) continued cutting a path of destruction through the region with an assault on culture, human history and civilization itself.

Members of the Islamic terrorist group were seen in a video released this week using tools to deliberately destroy historically significant pieces of ancient sculpture and artifacts on display in the antiquities museum in Mosul. The terrorists pushed priceless statues off their bases, smashing them with hammers and using jackhammers and electric drills to destroy history in obedience to their prophet.

“Our Prophet ordered us to remove all these statues as his followers did when they conquered nations,” says the narrator of the video as he stands near a severely damaged sculpture of a winged-bull, one of the protective deities of the ancient Assyrian empire. It is estimated that the piece dates as far back as the 7th century BCE.

The latest in the terrorists’ propaganda campaign of shock videos is five minutes long and also shows damaged statues in a large exhibition room as a soundtrack of Islamic music plays in the background. Although the State Department has not yet verified the video, it was posted on the groups Twitter account and depicted the ISIS logo.

The city of Mosul is in the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is often called the Fertile Crescent and considered to be ‘the cradle of civilization.’ The statues and artifacts of the ancient civilizations that thrived along these important water sources are irreplaceable and there is evidence that statues from other ancient cities nearby have also been destroyed.

The assault on the history of human civilization is the terror group’s latest effort to eradicate anything it declares to be heresy. In recent months, ISIS storm troopers broke into the Central Library of Mosul removing nearly 2,000 texts and later attacked the library of the University of Mosul.

Archaeologists and historians immediately expressed shock and outrage at the destruction of the treasured artifacts, calling it ‘catastrophic.’ Irina Bokova, the director of UNESCO, the UN’s agency charged with the preservation of culture and history, asked the president of the security council call an emergency session to condemn the acts of ISIS as “inflammatory incitements to violence and hatred.”

Although ISIS fighters have cut a path of destruction as they march through Syria and Iraq, torturing, raping, kidnapping, enslaving, burning and crucifying human beings, many see something equally threatening in the attacks on the relics that depict the development of civilization.

If the barbarity of ISIS’s acts against its fellow man spring from its desire to establish a caliphate by ethnic and religious cleansing, then the attacks on history and culture can be seen as a cultural cleansing of anything that does not adhere to its twisted and malevolent faith.


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