Most of us have seen the stomach-turning videos and those that can’t bear to see the images have read the headlines.

ISIS fighters burning helpless victims alive in cages.

Strapping homosexuals into chair and throwing them from rooftops to baying crowds below waiting to rip to shreds any victim unlucky enough to survive.

Burying women up to their necks and then stoning them to death.

Crucifixions of children – and the use of children themselves as “junior fighters,” who are taught to behead at summer camps run by ISIS, and are photographed smiling as they shoot bound and kneeling victims in the head.

By now, the beheadings might be seen as the most humane method ISIS uses to dispatch Christians, Jews, women, homosexuals and even fellow Muslims.

So, just when we think we have seen the depths of depravity, ISIS proves that there is, in fact, nothing too evil for them to use in their quest to turn the world into their caliphate.

The Islamic terror monsters have found a way to maximize the agony of the Christian population in Syria where members of the Eastern Orthodox Church of Antioch are subjected to unfathomable atrocities.

Jacqueline Isaac, a human rights activist and lawyer spoke at the United Nations not in those capacities, but “as a fellow human being.” The speech was given in April, but her message is only now being heard.

"Where are you, world? Where are you, world?"

The story Isaac told is of girls kidnapped, raped and tortured by ISIS.

Some committed suicide to escape the brutality.

Others were killed by ISIS fighters, but not before the crimes against them were videotaped and sent to their parents.

Isaac said ISIS videos the torture, rapes, murder and the dismemberment of the young girls, places their remains in bags and delivers them – with the videos – to their homes.

Isaac spoke passionately of a promise she made to share the voices of the families of the victims – and of the girls who have miraculously survived.

“They're parents, they're mothers, they're fathers. They are just like us. I promised that I would not leave without sharing their voices before the entire world.”

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