There is nothing quite like knowing that one of the world’s best has taken out multiples of the world’s worst.

Last week a British sniper had the opportunity to do just that and he did, with the ease of a man as trained and skilled as to hold the title, “sniper.”

Three ISIS forces were sent to meet their banshee virgins from the city of Ramadi, Iraq.

The filth were holding roughly 20 hostages in the lower rooms of a multi-story building.

Being the cowards that they are the hostages were human shields, as the terrorists figured the coalition forces would not risk collateral damage.

They were right. Catastrophic destruction was un-necessary.

Particularly when you have the skill of the Briton with the eyes of a hawk. He fired 30 armor piercing round through the wall of the hostage building and nailed the bad guys.

“The bodies of the Islamic State fighters had been absolutely pulverized. One had been decapitated and another had been cut in half. It was a real scene of carnage – but the tactic had proved incredibly effective.”

Aaah....the red-mist of defeat of your enemy.

When will ISIS learn that there is nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide?

Source: Conservative Tribune


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