It’s hard to keep up with the atrocities being committed by ISIS. Each new one crowds out the others, and the death cult’s recent auto de fe in which ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot alive, has blotted out all that came before.

But what has come before does bear remembering.

ISIS now controls territory, to be specific all of Anbar Province and much besides, and it therefore controls the civilian population in those areas. Millions of people now live under its rule, and ISIS is making its presence felt.

Just a week before the Jordanian pilot was burned to death, some teenage boys in Mosul made the mistake of watching a soccer match between Iraq and Jordan on TV. ISIS caught them engaging in this act of rank nationalism, and arrested them.

The militants announced the boys’ crime, a violation of Sharia of course, over a loudspeaker. They then lined them up in a public square and executed them by machine gun. The boys’ parents were unable to claim their bodies for fear of being murdered themselves.

A few days before, ISIS published a video showing two men being thrown from a tower to their deaths. Their crime was performing homosexual acts.

President Obama’s most recent response to this wave of inhumanity was to give a speech in which he reminded his Western listeners that the core religious tradition of the West, Christianity, was guilty of similar atrocities in past centuries. That is very true. And the Book of Joshua, chronicling the Jews’ return to Israel following their escape from bondage in Egypt, describes Jewish atrocities committed against the Canaanites.

We all recognize, however, that the more salient question is, would today’s Christians or Jews (or the non-religious people who are part of our Judeo-Christian-influenced civilization) tolerate similar atrocities being performed today in the name of Christianity, or Judaism, or of the West?

We know that the answer is no, but we will not hear the leader of the free world say so. The President’s policy is to appease the terrorist group by discouraging the publication of anti-jihadist articles (presumably including this one).

ISIS is using the video of its burning of the Jordanian pilot as a recruitment tool. It understands that the cultural standards that exist in much of Iraq and Syria involve a respect for raw power, and that the people now under ISIS’s command will follow, to quote an Arabic saying, the strong horse.

As between ISIS’s atrocities, and President Obama’s apologies for the West (even if he had to go back centuries to find something equivalent to apologize for), which is the stronger horse?


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