Just when Americans may have thought they were immune to shock from ISIS terrorists and their depraved quest to create a worldwide caliphate – a borderless Islamic state ruled with absolute authority by one man acting as both political and religious leader – news from Mosul, Iraq reveals the true depth of the cruel inhumanity of these creatures.

Videos of young boys, so-called “ashbal al-khilafa,” which means, “cubs of the caliphate” taking part in bloody executions have been released to horrify the non-Muslim populations with the sheer brutality of watching children behead adult in the name of their Islamic faith.

Many families see this, as well as their sons – and now many daughters – becoming “suicide” bombers as noble and an honor, but this week, one young recruit’s family paid the ultimate price for his involvement as a young jihadi, as his explosive belt detonated inside their Mosul home.

The teenager was a recruit in the “Cubs of the Caliphate” was given the suicide belt after being given it by older members at an ISIS meeting without apparently understanding how to remove it safely before he went into the family home.

The explosion killed all six members of his family – including two other children.

A source in Mosul, who needed to remain anonymous for his own safety, noted that the strategy to use children and teenagers as jihadis and suicide bombers is part of a deliberate campaign to terrify its enemies – anyone who does not believe as they do.

“It comes as part of ISIS strategy to strengthen its grip on the ground and intimidate the people.”

One video, released a year ago, showed six very young boys engaging in a “contest” to find bound captives hidden in a bombed out building with the “winner” being awarded the right to murder the defenseless prisoner.

As the United States begins the new year with a new administration dedicated to wiping out ISIS, stories such as the one of this family in Mosul should convince Americans to reject any remaining illusions that radical Islam can be allowed to exist.

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