Generally speaking, when you think of sniper fire you think of a sharp-shooter with a rifle nailing some evil being in the head. Pop!

It’s over. Another good day in the sandbox. This video isn’t your typical sniper kill. This is a Syrian sniper taking out one of the sandpeople that is an ISIS Jihadist.

The ISIS guy was hiding in the ruins of toppled building, and truthfully if you look really hard you can barely see the guy, if at all. That did not stop the Syrian marksmen.

He was able to pick the guy out of the rubble and then pick him off. He used a relative large caliber round for the deadly deed. It’s called a missile or RPG or whatever.

It’s big and it left a flaming grease spot where the Jihadist used to be. As you can imagine, this video clip is going viral.

One thing to keep in mind is this sniper we are all cheering for, is one of the Syrian forces. Meaning, this is one of Obama’s enemies.

That should give you some pause. However, in keeping with the adage of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, we will just continue to cheer sniper guy on.

Source: Mad World News


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