There’s something unique within a civil societies system of justice, when those western ideals and that symbolic scale of justice’ is at its best, regardless of the prevailing circumstances, that's when there’s”equal justice under the law!

Case in point; Moutia Elzahed lost her civil case alleging police brutality, after  counter terrorist police raided of her home in southwest Sydney on September 2014. Elzahed claimed she was assaulted during the raid targeting her husband, a well-known terrorist recruiter.

During her husband's 6-day trial Ms Elzahed, refused to take off her burqa to give evidence on behalf of her husband Hamdi Alqudsi,  a convicted Islamic State recruiter.

In her “civil case” against counter terrorist police, Elzahe claimed the authorities tried to pull the blankets off her when they entered her bedroom, and the home she shared with Alqudsi and her two teenage sons.

She had alleged in her lawsuit that she was punched in the ear and head and called “bitch” and handcuffed and humiliated.

Moreover aside from losing her civil case, Elzahed was also hit with  $100,000 in court costs, and a stiff fine for repeatedly refusing to comply with the court's ruling to remove her burqa, and perhaps even more egregious refusing to stand when the judge entered the courtroom, and saying she will not stand for “anyone but Allah.”

Which prompted District Judge Audrey Balla to respond after rendering her judgment; “Ms Elzahed is a religious Muslim and she refused to give evidence in open court with her face uncovered. She also refused to give evidence from a remote room with her face uncovered (so that she could choose not to see who was watching her give evidence) with the court room closed so that only lawyers involved in the proceedings would be in the court room.”

Judge Balla continued; 'I refused to permit her to give evidence with her face covered. Accordingly there is no direct evidence from Ms Elzahed.'

“Ms Elzahed insisted she would only show her face if the other men in the room looked away.”

Judge Balla continued that she would have difficulty hearing evidence because the veil would mask her “demeanor”.

You can see footage of the raid here:

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Source: Daily Mail

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