In 2010, when President Obama and his then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bungled the negotiations for a new status of forces agreement with Iraq as the U.S. pulled out it created the perfect storm for ISIS to move in and the resulting humanitarian crisis has shocked the world.

ISIS fighters are not willing to engage in battle with opponents to their avowed goal of establishing a caliphate in the region as a springboard to a worldwide dominion over all Muslims, and the subjugation or genocide of non-Muslims, but mete out brutal retribution against non-combatants trying to flee from the violence.

As ISIS conducts increasingly frequent and horrifying attacks on innocent civilians in cafés, music concerts, airports and other public gatherings, as well as children eating at McDonald’s and a Catholic priest conducting Mass, its fighters in Iraq have instituted a reign of terror against anyone who dares to escape its rule.

Five Iraqi women and were executed by an ISIS firing squad in Mosul for the crime of attempted escape to villages to the south that have been liberated from the fanatical control of the group.

Eight men were beheaded in public for assisting the escape attempt.

Photos of the grisly scene show a crowd of men in a dirt street straining to watch the beheadings, which were conducted one at a time.

The terrorists don’t draw the line at killing their enemies, as they have also begun executing soldiers and even commanders who desert the battlefield.

The United Nations estimates 6.6 million people have been displaced from their homes in Syria, with another 4.8 fleeing to other countries in the Middle East and one million more flooding into Europe.

As U.S.-backed forces of the Iraqi government try to regain territory from ISIS, the Red Cross projects that another million people will be forced to literally run for their lives.

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