As if the atrocities being committed by the ultra-violent Muslims belonging to ISIS couldn't get any worse, recent reports have revealed that the Islamic terror group recently put 74 children to death for reasons that include "refusing to fast", talk about twisted, being killed because you were hungry.

ISIS's reign of terror has gone on for over a year now, during which time they have killed thousands of innocent men, women, and children. While the group pretends to slaughter these innocents out of duty to the Koran and Islam the way that Muhammad truly taught Muslims to live, it is becoming more and more clear that ISIS is simply instituting a modern-era holocaust in the Middle East.

It's not as if these children were simply silently executed, either. Two of the children who were put to death for refusing to fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, were crucified in public. Their bodies had signs hung around them that listed their supposed crimes.

Other women and children have been slaughtered for reasons as ridiculous as practicing sorcery, spying, blasphemy, and practicing Islam as a Shia, a different form of Islam from the Shi'ite sect to which ISIS terrorists adhere.

Other children in ISIS captivity are being forced to fight one another in training bouts to become ISIS fighters. Still others are mutilated, sold as sex slaves, or shanghaied into carrying explosives as suicide bombers.

It's clear that ISIS is a group of evil, unstable individuals. They are treading in the footsteps of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong by committing terrible atrocities against a group of people who are relatively helpless--children.

If people around the world needed any extra incentive to attack ISIS through any means possible, this should provide that motivation. It's clear that diplomacy and stalling tactics have lost their effect. When innocent children are being murdered for sport and with impunity it's time for the free countries of the world to band together and act.

h/t: Fox News


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