Terror group ISIS has been the main instigator of violence and oppression over the past several weeks and months and while they have stepped out of the medias main spotlight for a moment, they have surely not gone away. To carry out such violence, such hatred, you need an information network in place and something that happened recently may help to stall the spread of the insanity that is ISIS.

Mehdi Masroor Biswas was arrested on Saturday. Why is this important and what does this mean for ISIS? Well Mehdi Masroor Biswas was the main presence of ISIS on Twitter. That is a big deal. This man was stirring people up, sending out the groups message and coordinating actions to new recruits across the middle east. He supporting the violent cause out of India and was the main online presence for the evil group.

For new ISIS members, the feed that Mehdi Masroor Biswas shared on Twitter was a source of new information, a way to learn. The arrest of this man just might slow down this process just a bit. No one should be spreading hate in this way online, and no one should be encouraging such violence, but online social media seems very lenient in regards to their accounts. There is a place for the freedom to say what you want to say - online and otherwise - but there is also a time when the law needs to step in to stop hurt from taking place. However, they may let them use the service simply to have an easy way to track their activities and gather intel.

ISIS needs to be stopped, that's obvious. For the safety of innocent individuals everywhere, ISIS needs to be done away with, like vaporized off the face of the Earth. That is why this arrest is so important. The man who was arrested was pushing an agenda of hate. But moreover, he was the one all new young ISIS recruits looked to for information. While he will likely be replaced, any setback for this group is a welcome thing.


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