There can be no doubt that ISIS is one of the worst terrorist organizations that has ever existed on the planet. It is rapidly becoming clear, however, that the actions perpetrated by ISIS leaders have moved beyond mere terrorism into a position on the list of the world's most terrible totalitarian states.

Recent news has broken regarding one tactic that ISIS has begun using on the young children that it kidnaps from the many towns and villages that are under its control. ISIS operatives kidnap young boys from their families and then force them to undergo intense training and brainwashing.

One of the strongest directives that is programmed into the young boys' minds is that they must be willing and able to murder their own parents if their parents exhibit signs of being "unbelievers."

Those children who refused to undergo the indoctrination were threatened with broken legs and some children's legs were actually broken because they refused to submit to the ISIS propaganda machine.

Commanders who have been on the front lines fighting against ISIS have told countless stories of being confronted with children coming towards them wearing bombs strapped to their bodies. Other soldiers have confirmed that young boys have been seen fighting on the front lines of the ISIS push.

While there are some obscure Koranic references to killing ones parents or siblings if they don't believe Islam in the way that you do, it's increasingly clear that the radical brand of Islamism that ISIS is purporting to follow is one of the most evil things that mankind has ever rallied behind.

What religion or subset of religion would force young children to be willing to execute family members who didn't live the way they prescribe? That's right, Nazism, and Communism come to mind.

ISIS is a modern-day Nazi state and if the Middle East is going to move past the hate and violence and enter the 21st century like the rest of the world they all must realize this and band together to put a stop to it.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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