Days after a barbaric terror attack by ISIS in a Catholic church, British counter-terror authorities are circulating what they call “specific advice” for increased security at churches and synagogues, but the mainstream media has been slow to report on the move.

The specific threat to places of worship comes amid Islamic terror attacks that have not only become more frequent, but more depraved and cruel in their choice of targets.

On Monday morning, two 19-year-old Muslims armed with handguns and knives interrupted Mass in a French church forcing the 86-year-old Catholic priest to kneel on the altar where they slit his throat, beheading him as two elderly nuns and several parishioners were held hostage.

Police responded after one of the nuns managed to escape and run for help, and after failed negotiations the two men were shot and killed as they attempted to flee the scene.

One of the hostages was seriously with knife wounds.

France is still in shock after the terror attack in Nice when a Muslim drove a 20-ton truck through a crowd of families leaving a Bastille Day fireworks display killing 84 and injuring over 300.

And less than nine months ago, a series of coordinated terror attacks in Paris struck at a sports stadium, concert venue and cafés.

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said “the selection of a church by the attackers, whom IS refer to as its soldiers, crosses a new red line in the grim history of recent attacks on continental Europe.”

Sister Helene, the nun who was present when Fr. Jacques Hamer was beheaded, said she spoke with one of the attackers who asked her if she was afraid to die and if she knew the Qur'an.

The 80-year-old nun told him she had read parts of it and had respect for those that were about peace.

She said one of the Muslim men said,  “Peace, it’s what we want… as long as there are bombs on Syria, we will continue our attacks. And they will happen every day. When you stop, we will stop.”

The beheading of the Catholic priest occurred as the Democrat National Convention got underway to nominate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke in support of Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, as did Vice-President Joe Biden.

President Obama spoke for 50 minutes in defense of his legacy, saying he was ready to “pass  the baton” to Clinton as his chosen successor.

None of them mentioned Fr. Jacques Hamel, who was slaughtered for the “crime” of saying the Catholic Mass.

He is only the most recent victim of Islamic terrorism – the phrase that Democrats will not speak.

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