The Islamic State knows no limits to their blood lust.

They are cowards by every measure of the term. The tie their victims when sawing off their heads, or setting them on fire, or dismembering their children in front of their parents, so as to not allow a fighting chance.

In truth, they would probably lose if they left their victims un-tied.

In their latest cowardly approach to fighting a war, they have taken to modifying children’s toys with explosives. In doing so they take the term IED to a whole new level. Land mines these are not.

These are baby dolls, so one must assume the immediate intended target was little girls. The dolls were left scattered about the streets of northeastern Baghdad in a Shiite heavy suburb, in the hopes that the children would see them, pick them up, and die.

It must be assumed that boys’ toys are also being rigged in this regard.

What kind of people do this? None.

The ISIS is something akin to a mutated limb on the evolutionary tree of humanity.

That is if you believe in evolution.

If not, then they can be said to be the spawn of hell.

Source: Mad World News



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