The great religious state of Islam is now fishing for pedophiles for their followers. In this grand move, the 'men' who make up the organization are playing to their followers' base desires. Many of the West thought the promising of 72 Virgins for a suicide was just a twisted reading of the Qu'ran. I don't think anyone actually dared to think the 72 virgins would all be preteen girls.

ISIS are a cancer on the world. They torture, rape and kill innocent people. They do not do so by 'mistake' or 'collateral damage' as some Liberals in the media tried to make a case for. They do so out of their own agenda.

ISIS made the announcement that not only sexual slavery is okay, but it is their God given right! Let's take a look at some of these 'God given' rights that ISIS as claimed lately: Beheading hostages; raping prisoners; kidnapping civilians; putting young girls into the sex trade; and, now, owning any non-Muslim (their brand of Muslim, not just any sect) woman or child and using them for the most despicable things they could. But this is all fine for them, for they follow "Sharia" and these people are their prisoners of war. This is why we can never accept even a hint of Sharia law in this country.

What does it say about a people if the only sex they can get is with a small child held at gun point? They are fear mongers. They are vile. They do not follow their own religion and they condemn everyone who isn't 'their flavor' of Muslim. Worst of all, these monsters are gaining followers and the Liberal, small minded, media and government wants to find a peaceful solution!
How can anyone think a peaceful solution can be had with an animal who knows only torture and rape? Will our tax dollars go to rebuilding this organization after we destroy it, much like we did in the past with the Iraqi militants who jumped at the chance to join their vile brotherhood? At what point will the Liberals run out of things to protest?

When will we, as citizens, stand up and say to the Liberal media 'Enough! We can't hear your complaints about using strict interrogation on these scum. We can't hear you over the wailing of the children they are raping; the children they are selling; and the children who will know no other life than to be a sex slave for the people you are trying to protect.'

Why should the US have to say we are sorry every time we try to exterminate one of these groups? Isn't that the humane treatment for a deranged mongrel? To put them out of their misery?



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