Republicans and others in the West have been saying it for years and now ISIS has admitted it to the world. The Muslim migrants that continue to poor into western countries aren't just peace loving 'helpless' women and children. Many of them are in fact ISIS militants. This isn't just some horror story from the right as the mainstream media may want you to believe. This is reality.

In July ISIS announced that they were going to use Muslim migrants as a cover to infiltrate western countries and start setting up many ISIS cells in tons of western countries.

Libyan General Khalifa Haftar warned Europe that ISIS was planning on sending in hundreds of ISIS militants. ISIS will "spread in even the European countries if (the West) does not offer real help to the Libyan people, especially the Libyan army," said Hafter in regards to the potential ISIS threat.

He gave his warning to the Associate Press that ISIS "will head with the illegal migrants to Europe, where corruption and destruction will spread just like Libya. But there it will be hard to confront them."

In Germany refugees have even claimed themselves saying "ISIS is among us."

ISIS has also made claims that they have tons of sleeper cells all across Europe that they will activate to carry out a series of devastating terror attacks and rock the world like never before.

What is most concerning about all of this is Pamela Gellar reports that terror experts have confirmed these horrifying claims. They have been trying to deal with the very real threat of jihadists coming through the almost wide-open European borders with the thousands of Muslims migrants coming into Europe every day.

There have even been information revealed through the Telegram app that shows ISIS speaking about their plans to use their sleeper cells to carry out attacks even more deadly than Nice and Paris.


The chilling threat only continues.


If this isn't proof enough that we can't just let in thousands of Muslims into our country without a care in the world then it is scary to think what will have to happen to convince the liberals like Hillary and Obama to stop the massive immigration. Trump understand that we need to secure our nation's borders before ISIS has completely infiltrated our country and is able to erode our nation from the inside out.

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Source: Pamela Gelar


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