ISIS found out how hard it is to kill an American when he isn't unarmed and an innocent civilian. When ISIS decided to test the waters against armed U.S. troops in Iraq, the result must have been the opposite of what they expected.

In a gun battle that lasted less time than most Hollywood movies, U.S. forces not only defeated the ISIS military, but they left them shattered. ISIS ordered a full retreat after running into part of the U.S. troops still remaining in Iraq. The U.S. did not follow the cowardly militants but rather stayed close to their own base. It was called an act of self-defense by the U.S. stationed in Iraq.

How many U.S. soldiers does it take to defeat an ISIS sneak attack? We may never know the real answer, but there were only 100 soldiers stationed in the base and all of those were left in an adviser role and not for combat missions. The teams worked with F-18 fighter jets and easily routed the militant Muslim force.

ISIS most recently made news by writing fatwas to justify the rape of women and children captives. It appears that only defenseless villagers are a proper target for the 'might' of the Islamic State. How quickly do the Muslim colors run when faced against a small portion of the might of the Red, White, and Blue.

Maybe all of the beheading of innocent, unarmed, and civilians gave ISIS a bit of false sense of important and power. It is still unknown why ISIS decided to attack the U.S. held base in Iraq. Perhaps they were out of children to fight or unarmed citizens to behead. Whatever the reason, ISIS and the rest of the world learned one thing: Goat herding child rapists are not met with kindness with the might of the American Military.

The level of devastation felt by ISIS was a long time coming. Obama has already said he would not allow the US to openly engage against ISIS forces in Iraq, but it looks like Christmas came a bit late to the Iraqi people and several thousands of Iraqi citizens can sleep better at night knowing the U.S. will stand up to terror anywhere it finds it.

It was a tough blow to ISIS around the world. A terrorist organization can only rule if people are afraid of it. ISIS only works via fear. It is hard to be fearful when 100 soldiers can dismantle your army in less than time than an NFL game. Maybe the next fatwa wrote will be on how not to look like total cowards when running away from a far smaller but far more superior U.S. force.



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