It's been all over the news, Iraqi security forces and other armed militia members in Iraq are fleeing before the onslaught of ISIS's military might. But ISIS recently came face to face with U.S. Special Operations troops and the outcome was a very different story.

ISIS troops attacked the support base at Ein al-Asad in central Iraq. Who knows what prompted them to attack one of the few places in Iraq where U.S. troops are stationed as "advisory and support personnel." Maybe they thought that description meant that it was just a bunch of guys with pocket protectors sitting inside the base.

Two hours later, when the skirmish ended, an "undisclosed" number of militants were killed and the base still stood--still in American hands.

U.S. forces worked with F-18 fighter jets as well as "light and medium" weapons to deter the forces from coming near the base. According to a tribal leader who spoke about the fight the U.S. forces determined that they could engage in the fight because ISIS forces were approaching their base and they had to act out of "self-defense."

There are approximately 350 troops at the Ein al-Asad base, and, though President Obama has been extremely reluctant to commit to put any American forces on the ground, it's clear from the outcome of this battle what would happen if he did commit.

U.S. forces have experience fighting in Iraq and the Middle East. Also, they're not scared of ISIS, not matter how many bloody videos of beheadings or angry Twitter messages that ISIS supporters put out.

If there are any doubts as to the effectiveness of the U.S.'s role as "support personnel" in Iraq, look no further. Maybe the example of these brave soldiers will be used by Iraqi troops to demonstrate how the real deal faces battle.

h/t: IJReview, TPNN



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