So much has happened since the nation was shocked by the brutal murder of Colleen Hufford in September 2014.

Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 promising to go after ISIS in the Middle East and at home, bringing to an end eight years of Obama’s soft stance on the Muslim terrorists he called “the JV team.”

But the people of Moore, Oklahoma didn’t forget the day 54-year-old Hufford suffered “decapitation due to multiple sharp force trauma to neck” according to the official autopsy report.

Co-worker Traci Johnson was also attacked, and was saved only by the action of a manager who brought down the knife-wielding assailant.

Alton Nolen, a 30-year-old recent convert to Islam, had been fired from the Vaughan food processing plant after multiple complaints were lodged against him by co-workers who said he had become aggressive and openly expressed hatred to whites.

Infuriated, Nolen left the plant and returned armed with a 10-inch butcher knife stolen from the plant and beheaded Hufford in cold blood in the front office of the plant as her fellow employees threw chairs at him in futile attempts to stop the attack.

Nolen, who was shouting what was described as “Arabic-sounding phrases,” had become obsessed with ISIS videos online showing gruesome beheadings and was inspired to commit a similar act of violence against non-Muslims.

For over three years, Nolen was unsure of his fate as he recovered from gunshot wounds inflicted when the Vaughan manager took him down, and then the lengthy process of finding him competent to stand trial for the ISIS-inspired attack.

Finally, Nolen went to trial with his defense attorneys claiming he was mentally ill – but not legally insane – at the time of the murder and under the influence of the Quran, which made him unable to know the difference between right from wrong.

He showed no remorse at trial, which was noted by the jury made up of Colleen Hufford and Traci Johnson’s peers from Moore, Oklahoma.

They didn’t buy his excuse and after only two hours of deliberation, the jury found him guilty and recommended either life in prison or death.

The final decision was up to Judge Lori Walkley who wasted no time in handing down Nolen’s sentence.


He will now live out his days on Oklahoma’s ‘Death Row’ undoubtedly filing appeal after appeal, but at some point he will be put to death by lethal injection.

Do you agree with the Moore, Oklahoma jury and Judge Walkley that Alton Nolen should be put to death for beheading a co-worker and inflicting near-fatal wounds on another in an ISIS-inspired attack?

Souce: Daily Caller

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