Recently, the ISIS took a man and his four-year old boy captive.  The man was accused of working against the Islamic State and their Caliphate.

Supposedly, the man was part of an attack on an ISIS outpost that claimed two Jihadist lives. As with most things ISIS and radical Islam this was most likely a lie.

They publically executed the man in a display of cowardly evil. How much money do you want to bet his hands were tied?

This wasn’t enough for these less-than primordial throwbacks. His little boy was next. In keeping with their despicable hellish evil, the little guy had explosives strapped to him. This was meant to terrorize him and those attending the execution.

“A bomb that was attached to a four-year old child through a remote-controlled device so that his organs would be blown apart.”

That according to Popular Mobilization Forces member, Jabar el-Maamouri.

If ever there were human rights violations going on in the world, the Middle East is a place of sick, twisted horror. On December 28, 2015,

“…dozens of civilians, including old people, women and children in the village of Al-Choud in [the] area of Al-Keraya (85-kilometer south of Nineveh)” were executed.

While President Useless and his Fellowship of the Jihad sit back and do absolutely nothing, people are dying in the most unimaginable ways. Children are being fed to their unwitting parents. They are being turned into pin cushions in front of their parents. Christians are being crucified.

Meanwhile, our president demeans America, claims we have executed horrors upon the world, and turns a blind eye to the plight of the people trapped in the Middle East.

What is more evil? Those committing the crimes against humanity, or those sitting on the beach of a tropical island doing nothing to protect the homeland from the Cretans who have set their eye on the prize--America?

Source: Mad World News


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