Recently, a pair of female Briton officers of the Special Reconnaissance Register had the opportunity to introduce themselves to some ISIS Jihadis in Iraq.

It is not known what town this took place in, but suffice it to say the British Special Forces were involved in an operation, and the lady officers were there to assist.

Their jobs were to enlist the aid of local females in the fight against ISIS.

Their travels to meet a female asset took them to an ISIS checkpoint. The Jihadis pegged them for not being your typical Iraqi female and the game was on.

Loaded for bear, the two lady officers had no trouble dealing with the situation. They killed several and were able to extricate themselves unharmed.

According to British defense;

“These women are probably the most deadly in the armed forces.”

Their well-executed actions had to come as a real surprise to the Jihadis. The last people they expect to be attacked by are women.

That, and there is nothing worse for a Jihadist than to be killed by a woman.

“They [the women] are extremely fit, intelligent, and very professional. They handled themselves really well and have proved to be just as good as the men in every respect.”

Well played ladies. Keep it up.

Source: Mad World News



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