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This clip shows that ISIS is primarily comprised of morons. There is a reason to celebrate this video as this is one less threat to deal with in the war against ISIS.

There’s just something about having someone else do your job for you that is incredibly satisfying.

I don’t mean your average day-to-day job, unless you happen to be a soldier, I mean the job of fighting terrorist factions like the Daesh.

This is one terrorist that brings the fight to himself a little too literally. He also doesn’t know how rocket launchers are supposed to be used, as you’re about to find out.

As a warning this video does contain some graphic scenes, anyone not cool with that should probably back away now. For the rest of us, it’s almost a bittersweet form of Justice.

In the end, it’s all just death.

Enjoy the rest of eternity with a bunch of virgins, or maybe just rotting in hell.


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