Islamic extremists in Syria have exceeded all their previous levels of inhuman behavior with the torture and execution of twelve Christians for the “crime” of refusing to renounce their faith.

"It is like going back 1,000 years seeing the barbarity that Christians are having to live under. We are dealing with a group that makes Nazism pale in comparison. They have lost all respect for human life," said Patrick Sookhdeo, the founder of Barnabas Fund, a charity that helps Syrian Christians.

The martyrs included a Syrian minister who was forced to watch while his 12-year-old son was beaten . The minister was told that the beatings would stop only if he returned to Islam, but he refused and watched helplessly as his young son’s fingertips were cut off one by one. The boy and his father, along with two other ministry workers were then crucified.

The humanitarian group, Christian Aid Mission, provided the horrific details of the torture and execution that took place outside the Syrian capital of Aleppo.

The ISIS group then seized eight more Christian aid workers, including two women and demanded that they renounce Christ and return to Islam. When they refused, the fanatics raped the women, ages 29 and 33, before an assembled crowd.

All eight were beheaded.

As they were made to kneel before the ISIS warriors, the Christians recited the Lord’s Prayer and raised their eyes to commend their spirits to Jesus as the axes fell upon them.

Christian Aid was told by relatives and villagers that one woman died with the name, “Jesus,” on her lips.

ISIS, the Islamic State in Iran and Syria, has made a practice of murdering Christians by crucifixion, leaving the bodies of the martyrs on the crosses for days.

The Islamic fanatics have tortured and executed thousands of Christians in the course of their rampage across Syria and Iraq in their crusade to destroy Christianity.

The Christian population of Syria has decreased by nearly two-thirds since 2011 and nearing extinction in Iraq.

The watchdog group, In Defense of Christians, is urging Congress to classify the persecution of Christians in the Middle East by ISIS as genocide.


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