Several hundred Yazidi prisoners were murdered in Iraq recently by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The prisoners were just a small portion of the larger group of Yazidi believers who have been under constant persecution and torment from ISIS militants since late last year.

According to reports, the people were murdered at a prison camp in an effort to distress other prisoners at the camp and use the violence to help convince others to convert to Islam rather than maintain their Yazidi beliefs.

The Yazidi people follow a form of monotheism that shares religious similarities with Christianity. ISIS has waged war against Yazidi believers because they are not Muslims and, in most cases, will rather suffer death by brutal execution than convert to Islam under gunpoint.

The Yazidi people have survived genocides before, but perhaps none as determined and powerful as ISIS, which has labeled Yazidi believers as "devil worshippers."

However, even in the middle of these terrible atrocities the United States appears too weak and powerless to mount any kind of opposition to this genocide. The Yazidi slaughter is just a small drop in the ocean of blood being spilled by ISIS militants as they slaughter Christians from many sects. It was only last month that Libyan Christians were killed when trying to flee via the Mediterranean Sea. They were later beheaded on the beach in another brutal ISIS video.

Obama obviously fears getting involved in Middle East politics, especially because that was a major platform point in his reelection. He just worked so hard to get U.S. troops out of Iraq that he's less than likely to attempt to send troops back in to cover the hole he left with their withdrawal.

But drastic times call for action, and the genocide of Christians in the Middle East is one of the most drastic events that anyone could imagine. A modern-day holocaust is occurring right under our noses, but Obama is too proud to see it and send troops to help.

President Obama, it's time to step in and prevent genocide. Let's avoid any entries in history books that say the United States wouldn't intervene in the largest Christian genocide in the history of mankind.


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