Still sore from their humiliating defeat at the hands of U.S. soldiers, ISIS turned back to what it does best, namely execute women and children. This time it was 150 women, some not near the age of consent in many states, who were executed for the reason of refusing to marry jihadists.

For ISIS the idea is simple. Although they still will rape women and children, their leaders want to make 'honest' Muslims out of their captives. This means that they are to be sold off and married to the soldiers as gifts. For ISIS, a man can have up to four women and as many sex slaves as he desires.

The desire to control women knows no bounds for ISIS. When one of the Muslims, Abu Anas Al-Libi, decided to gift over 150 women and children to his 'brave' soldiers, he used the captives from a near by village. This was the sort of raid that would happen in Games of Thrones, but at least those characters had honor. ISIS and Muslims like Abu Anas Al-Libi have no honor. They pick from unarmed civilian populations and then flaunt their 'military might' against people who were formerly herding goats.

ISIS knows no shame. Not only do they back up their taking women and children as sexual slaves by quoting the Quran, but they insist it is every Muslim's right to take non-Muslim, or in this case 'not the same type of Muslim', women as property. If the woman was married, then that is OK to ISIS because once the woman is claimed as property, her marriage is automatically annulled. ISIS has said that objects cannot be married and that means neither can the sex slaves.

The 'religion of peace' shows its true colors for the unborn. It shouldn't be a shock to find out that the Muslims value the unborn lives so little that they included pregnant women in the 150 women and children who were executed for not giving themselves up to the ISIS soldiers. Their total and complete disregard for life is barbaric and only matched by their complete cowardice. Once again, ISIS shows just how cowardly they are with this mass killing. Even their pregnant hostages were braver than the ISIS soldiers.

Given the choice between death and laying with the enemy, the brave women chose death. Their sacrifice should not go unnoticed. Only with the eyes of the world can ISIS be brought to justice. At what rate or how many more women and children must be buried in a mass grave before Obama gives the OK for the US to actively exterminate these vermin is yet to be seen. So far the answer is not '150 women and children, some of whom were unborn'.


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