Germany has been the focus of much of the never-ending news cycle this past year as the country has opened its borders to over 1 million refugees. Initially other countries praised Germany's openness and attempted to mirror the actions of Angela Merkel, Germany's Chancellor. However, it is now apparent that Germany may have made one of its largest historical blunders.

Not only have refugees and migrants sexually assaulted hundreds of women in waves of attacks that started on New Year's Eve, but it appears that Germany has also been the source of one of the greatest fears regarding Middle Eastern refugees: terrorists slipping into the country under false pretenses.

In Germany it was a local TV station who helped to spur the investigation into one ISIS commander's lying journey to infiltrate the country. Spiegel TV was interviewing migrants about their plans within Germany when some of the refugees interviewed tipped them off.

One of their fellow refugees, a man going by the name of Bassam who had told officials that he wanted "to learn German and work as a cook," was actually a high-level ISIS commander.

Germany police responded to the tip from Spiegel TV and a manhunt ensued.

According to sources, Bassam is actually an ISIS commander who had previously worked for the al-Nusra terrorist group that is an affiliate of al-Qaida. Until the television station revealed his identity, the man was living in absolute cover and no German authorities were aware of his true identity.

This issue brings up so many security issues that it is simply unbelievable that any Americans would still request that Middle Eastern refugees be allowed to enter the United States.

It's clear and now evident that refugees are smuggling in terrorists among their numbers. One German official estimated that his country now contains roughly 8,000 terrorists who have crept into the country under the guise of refugees.

America needs to remain strong and turn away those who would hurt her. We need to learn from Germany's mistakes before we repeat them.

h/t: WND

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