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It seems almost assured that if this barbaric group acquires a weapon of massdistruction that they will use it.

In its latest propaganda magazine, Dabiq, published two weeks ago, the group said the plan is workable the same way banned drugs are transported through West Africa to Western countries, saying it could even be easier with the presence of Boko Haram, the Nigeria-based group that recently pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The danger of course is that America’s borders are no longer safe, and smuggling a nuclear device no longer seems to be a matter of “if”, bur rather “when”.

ISIS, the jihadist group in Syria, Iraq and Libya, has claimed it could purchase a nuclear device and transport same to the United States, through a network of countries including Nigeria, up to Mexico.

In an op-ed piece titled, “The Perfect Storm,” attributed to a kidnapped British photojournalist, John Cantlie, it said the terrorist organization which started as a movement in Iraq has suddenly turned into a global phenomenon that the West and the democratic world as a whole is ill-equipped to deal with. The article said the idea of reaching the U.S. with a deadly nuclear device is not far-fetched.

According to a report released Monday by a government watchdog, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) failed to identify dozens of employees with potential links to terrorism. The Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General found TSA didn't identify 73 individuals because the agency lacked access to terrorism-related information from within the government.

And the stunning news that the Transportation Security Administration had a 96% failure rate of stopping weapons and explosives from passing airport checkpoints, should worry us all, and the outlook seems almost a certainty that if ISIS acquires a nuclear device or even a dirty bomb they will indeed attempt to smuggle it into the U.S. However with the type of dismal security preparation and safeguards reported and the continued security breaches on our southern borders, the likelihood of a catastrophic event to equal or even surpass the tragic event of 9/11 should be a real concern to this administration.



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