When ISIS militants decided to immolate a Jordanian pilot, 1st Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh, they didn't realize that they crossed an invisible line in the hearts of many. All of Jordan has vowed a retaliation of epic proportions.

To burn an enemy alive, even for Islamic extremists, is considered going too far, a sacrilege against their faith. Most Islamic militants believe that their Allah is the only one who is allowed to punish via fire. Many moderate to hard core Muslims have distanced themselves, and have removed their support away from ISIS. However, Jordan has taken an even stronger measure to punish the terrorists running amok in Syria.

At the heart of the Islamic State, Raqqa, Syria, received a nasty visit by twenty F-16 warplanes loaded with munitions. In that mission, upset Jordanian pilots literally delivered to ISIS a small taste of true Hell. Once the strike mission was complete, all twenty fighter jets did a fly-over of al-Kasasbeh's hometown, honoring their fellow slain pilot.

Nasser Judeh, the Jordanian Foreign Minister, verbalized his country's dedication to obliterating ISIS. Even before ISIS burned al-Kasasbeh to death, Jordan was committed to helping the US coalition confront the Islamic State, but now the anger has officially been turned up. With the horrific immolation of 1st Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh, that resolve has transformed into a much harder, more lethal mindset in the hearts of every Jordanian.

ISIS is making a huge tactical mistake. By trying to invoke fear as a measure of control, all they have done is earned a large amount of scornful retaliation. Jordanian air force officers are even writing messages on their missiles, designed to strike fear in the hearts of ISIS. An example of one of those messages reads; 'From a brave Jordanian woman to you Baghdadi.' Why would such a thing strike terror into the hearts of such brutal extremists?

One of the rare, little known beliefs of ISIS is also one of their weak points.  Within their bent version of Islam, ISIS soldiers believe that if they are killed by a woman on the battlefield, they are destined for Hell. So in effect, Jordan is not only physically blowing ISIS to bits, they're also attacking their enemy mentally. The authorities in Jordan has even gone so far as to execute two prisoners linked to ISIS and their allies.

The effects are most certainly felt by ISIS. One official report has numbered the slain ISIS members at 47, from just one of those twenty airstrikes. If the Islamic State continues on their present course of stupidity and destruction, they are bound to be their own worst enemy. In the end, a fanatic only has one option in a world they are ticking off with their sick, bent hostility. Their own destruction. Jordan is a country that is determined to make that happen sooner, rather than later.

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