Lamenting Women

The evil of the Islamic State has soared to new heights, during a time when we feel their radical penchant for bloodshed couldn't possibly get any worse. As if beheading 150 women wasn't bad enough, the reasons why they did it, and the condition of some of those women, brings an entire higher level of brutality into perspective.

For starters, a good number of those women were actually pregnant.

ISIS has become determined to force fleeing women into what they call a Jihadist Marriage, demanding that they convert to Islam and perform for the marauding warriors or die by decapitation. Female children are not immune from this barbaric level of persecution.

The current atrocities have been committed in Fallujah, out in the western Iraqi province of Al-Anbar. Hundreds of residents fled the area after receiving death threats from ISIS forces. It has been confirmed by Iraq's Ministry of Human Rights that an undisclosed amount of children also died when their families were stranded in the desert once they were driven from their homes.

The women who submit in order to save their own lives are sold into slavery and forced marriages, where ISIS troops hope to produce future generations of Islamic terrorists. These are the same kinds of attacks that were carried out against the Al Bu Nimr tribe, where at least 40 men, 6 women and 4 children were brutally slaughtered, one by one in a public line up.

Many residents recall the nightmare image of decapitated heads of children being impaled on a fence in Mosul, Iraq.

The words that are powerful enough to truly condemn this kind of twisted evil has yet to be invented. Age, gender or condition, such as being pregnant, makes no difference to ISIS when they unleash their blood-drenched rampages. Those Islamic Savages are currently calling for all Muslims in Western countries to rise up and slaughter the infidels, in an effort to incite radical lone wolves to instill even more fear in enemies of Islam.

Instead of getting the fear they hope to generate, the only thing they will ever get out of Patriotic Americans from here on out, will be a wave of justice-filled anger, along with a serious retaliation against any lone-wolf Islamic wanna-be terrorists. The discussion will be over. No more Political Correctness, no more wishful thinking that radical Muslims might change their mind. We should be swift, decisive and without regret when we remove those degenerate monsters out of our society. For good.



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