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It has become almost a certainty that when ISIS announces its evil intent, it will come to pass, in that in every instance to date, ISIS has kept every evil promise made.

Abu Al-Ayna al-Ansari, leader of an ISIS-aligned Salafi jihadist group in the Gaza Strip, said he believes ISIS will strike the home fronts of “all countries that participate in the anti-Islamic State coalition” in Syria and Iraq.

Saying; “The [Islamic] State will not leave these countries alone without them having to suffer from the blows of the Mujahideen in a way that will let them understand that their war is lost,” the terrorist said. “There is no way that ISIS territory remains under aerial bombardment without a violent retaliation deep in the capitals of those countries.”

If true then Paris was the second capital to feel the blow, the first being Russia and the downing of its passenger airliner over Egypt, and most likely not the last.

In fact a group known as the Islamic State along with ISIS released a video Monday threatening Washington, D.C., stating; “We will strike America, with God’s help!”

Moreover recent ISIS documents released in February announced that the group was planning to use Libya as a “gateway” to smuggle refugees into Europe.

The ISIS material further raised the possibility of storming southern European cities to cause “pandemonium” or attempting to close international shipping lines in the Mediterranean Sea.

Source: Breitbart


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