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Once again as the tax season draws to a close approximately 50% of wage earning Americans (the other 50% pay nothing) will go through the process of “voluntary compliance.”

And while most wage earners wrestle with deductions, and check their math for accuracy, an old and disturbing story by FORBES has once again surfaced, of illegal aliens stealing Social Security numbers.

The story originally written and entitled: “IRS admits it encourages illegals to steal Social Security numbers,” is back in the headlines.

As former Colorado congressmen and one time presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo chronicles what is currently taking place on our southern border.

“Imagine my surprise when I found a pile of IRS 1040 tax returns among the tons of trash at a “lay-up site” used by illegal border jumpers near the Mexican border west of Douglas, Arizona. There are dozens of such places where the thousands of border invaders change clothes, discard trash and wait to be taken by their “coyote” to their pick-up location for moving on to Phoenix or El Paso or Houston.

Tancredo continues; I collected the 1040 forms and we noticed all had claimed Earned Income Tax Credits and all also had claimed around nine deductions for children. The average refund was around $4,000. It occurred to me only much later that the American taxpayer may be funding the coyote’s $1,500 fees for smuggling poor Mexicans, Salvadorans, and Iraqis and Vietnamese, across our southwest border.”

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen made the revelation in congressional testimony this past week, but no one was really shocked. The IRS wants illegal aliens working illegally to file tax returns and pay taxes on their illegal earnings like everyone else.

When asked why the agency has a policy to ignore notifications from the Social Security Administration that a number does not match the name used on the tax filing, the agency replies, literally, “That’s not our job.”

The IRS deliberately and unapologetically avoids telling you when your SSN is being used unlawfully by another person — or ten or twenty other people.

Efforts in Congress to fix that problem are criticized as “racist.”

Source: Breitbart


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