Perhaps nothing infuriates working Americans more than seeing their hard-earned money being misused for political expediency at their expense. And for the vast majority of Americans witnessing an administration that's thoroughly corrupted handing out tax refunds to illegal aliens that have never filed a tax return is simply unconscionable.

It’s apparent that America is no longer a nation of laws, but rather a country in decline by an out of control Executive Branch attempting to transform America into a third world nation, a nation with no borders, and no concern for those who pay their taxes and play by the rules.

This time with another Obama “Executive Order” granting work visas to millions of illegal aliens, and apparently rewarding them for breaking immigration laws, while giving them the ability to receive social security numbers, which in effect allows tens of thousands of illegal aliens to game the system and collect “credits’ for the last three years they were working “illegally”…in short illegal aliens can now claim up to $35,000 in tax refunds, even if they never filed a previous tax return.

According to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, any illegal immigrant who worked off the books, or used a substitute Social Security Number over the last three years would be eligible to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Just imagine for a moment if an American citizen used a “substitute Social Security number” to file their tax returns, or any misleading information, they would immediately be subject to stiff fines and perhaps even imprisonment.

Yet illegal aliens would be eligible to receive thousands of dollars from American tax payers even if they did not pay taxes, so long as they could demonstrate that they were working for those years.

What we’re witnessing in America today, is the systemic breakdown of a civil society by those elected officials, who have sworn under oath to uphold the laws, which they now ignore, reject and dishonor.

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