In the wake of the horrific hurricanes that have devastated our nation, we have truly witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In Texas and in Florida we have seen Americans coming together and helping each other in any way possible. Many helped by donating food, money, and first aid supplies to those in need.

Others went to the places that were affected the most and helped ferry people in boats. This is the type of behavior that most kind-hearted Americans would expect, neighbor helping neighbor, but this isn't always the case.

Many celebrities took advantage of the fatal tragedies by taking to the public forum and bashing Trump. Movie star Jennifer Lawrence even went as far as to say that Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey were Trump's fault as if he caused them somehow.

Even worse than that is the low-life scumbags chose to use this tragedy as an opportunity to steal from those that have lost everything.

Rampant looting has plagued just about every city affected by these two devastating hurricanes and due to the wreckage and flooding police have been unable to get into many areas and protect them from these thugs.

This means many homeowners are taking matters into their own hands, as is the case with this one Floridian family that put a brutal message on the front of their home for any would be looters.

The sign reads "Don't even think about it. We're home and armed."

Any thugs that try busting into this Florida home are going to get a whole lot more than he bargained for when they meet their 'gracious hosts,' a little southern hospitality from the end of a smoking barrel.

Not only is this Florida homeowner willing to do what it takes to keep his family and possessions safe, he's got a bit of comedic streak in him. The last part of the sign reads "Irma Gerd" which is a popular internet saying for "Oh my god."

Looters, you have been warned. 'Irma Gerd.'

Do you think these thugs deserve to suffer the consequences if they try to loot during these tragic times?

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