It should surprise no one that a recent Pew Report referenced Christianity as the most persecuted religious group in the world today, nor should anyone be surprised to learn that the overwhelming countries engaging in systemic persecutions are occurring throughout the Islamic world. Moreover out of the 24-countries engaged in some type of Christian persecution, 20 of them are Islamic countries, some of whom are committing unimaginable atrocities and mass genocide, in the name of ISLAM.

Moreover as civilized nations claim outrage at the mass murders, and the unimaginable brutality targeting woman and children, there are those officials in European capitals, who continue the bloodletting of Christians.

A German politician named Wolfgang Bosbach, interviewed a Christian Iraqi family after being refused asylum in Germany, claiming that a BAMF employee wearing a headscarf refused to grant them political asylum.

The fleeing family settled in Bosbach’s home district of Nordrhein-Westphalia, which is under his jurisdiction, and eventually, they began filling out the documentation needed and the reason why they were seeking asylum in Germany, and of course the face to face interview that would be a vital part of the overall process.

However the Christian Iraqi family soon found themselves being interviewed by a scarf-wearing Muslim BAMF employee, who asked for details as to why they were seeking asylum, and the family responded by referencing in detail their fear of the jihadist Islamic violence directed at Christians, needless to say, their asylum application was denied.

Last year 64.6% of Iraqi asylum applications were granted asylum in Germany out of 97,000 applications filed.

However, when questioned about the overall process Bosbach acknowledged, “I understand the applicants’ concern that their application may not have been decided upon solely on objective and prejudice-free considerations, (…) when they are Christians telling a headscarf-wearing Muslima that they have suffered persecution by Muslims.”

He continued: “the applicants have reason to fear that their application might not be objectively decided, is not entirely ungrounded. Therefore, I cannot understand why only Muslims in BAMF get to decide whether or not Christians, who fled from radical Muslims, get the right to stay in the Federal Republic of Germany.”

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Source: Gatestone

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