Every time I hear the chant  of “death to America” I’m always reminded of the postman and the little mangy flee bitten dog behind the fence, growling and showing it’s teeth, and of the postman’s apparent disregard of the potential danger lurking only a few feet away, as he attempts to deliver the mail.

Although the owner of that mangy little dog may suggest that its “bark-is-bigger-than-its-bite”, the fact still remains that’s a hostile little mutt. And so when the Vice President of Iran, Masoumeh Ebtekar asserts: “There’s no aggressive tone, in what’s being done.” Obviously we had better not disregard the threat.

And while the Iranian Vice President sounded reasonable and even statesmen like in an interview with CNN, claiming that: “the general population is looking forward to an agreement which is just and is balanced, that will bring “peace and stability” while at the same time Iran’s supreme leader continues his outward hostility towards America and leading a crowd in chanting “death to America”. Obviously this is a dangerous and unstable country, and history has demonstrated time and again just how treacherous these leaders are.

Even suggesting that America and Iran have “radical groups who are trying to spoil the negotiations” implying that Islamic radical extremists and the Republican Party are on the same moral equivalency, obviously the Iranian Vice President along with Iran’s supreme leader are extremely clever in their negotiating skills, and the “good cop, bad cop” stands in stark contrast to Obama’s bubbling efforts of getting a deal, any deal. Even at the expense of our only true ally Israel, which is the only true western democracy within the region that shares our values, and will have the most to lose if Iran acquires nuclear capabilities, however the Prime Minister of Israel unlike this administration understands all to well that mangy flee bitten dog behind the fence.


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