The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has announced that Iran will not allow any access to military sites and access to question its scientists.

“We will not allow any inspection of any Iranian military sites by foreigners,” said Khamenei.
He also stated, “We will not allow the slightest insult to the discretion of our nuclear scientists or scientists working in any other sensitive field,”.

This comes after Obama has been working for months on trying to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran. Despite Isreali leader Benjamin Netanyahu's protest to any agreement with Iran Obama has assured the world that he knows what he's doing and who he is dealing with. He even wrote a nice poem to Iran!

These latest statements by Khamenei clearly calls into question how trustworthy Iran will be in any agreement. This is not the first sign that dealing with Iran with diplomacy is at the very least a waste of time and actually quite dangerous. It wasn't long ago when the Iranian VP stated that chants by Iranian crowds of 'Death to America' were actually not aggressive.

Bush has warned Obama about dealing with Iran and so has Netanyahu but this has not stopped Obama in engaging in diplomacy with a dangerous and volatile enemy that is bent on our countries destruction.

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