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Obama's nuke deal with Iran is laughable at best and more likely downright deadly. While Obama is running his victory laps pretending to be a master negotiator who has saved the middle east the reality still remains...

Iran hates the U.S.A and cannot be trusted to uphold any treaty. We are being played by a deadly, terrorist sympathizing country. So when Iran's Ayatollah leads Iranians in a chant "DEATH TO AMERICA" the White House will do anything to downplay the reality that they have got us into a huge mess. Ayatollah Khamenei was quoted saying “I Detest Americans, Deal Or No Deal, ‘Death To America’ Is Our Motto".

No biggie, meant for a “domestic political audience,” or something.The White House is trying to say that Iran doesn't really mean these chants and that they are "just political".Just political? Hardly. This is a deadly enemy and it needs to be treated as such.

h/t: WZ




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