There is a lesson to be learned, if the politicians in Australia and no doubt the rest of the civilized world actually use a little common sense and logic, rather than attempting to be politically correct. No doubt there are refugees seeking political asylum, who are in danger. However there are also refugees attempting to enter a country under false pretenses and some might actually be some pretty vile characters, and that’s where common sense and logic should take precedent over the politically correct mindset that all too often puts lives in danger.

Perhaps the simplest analogy is how a prudent individual would protect his home, in that before you would allow someone to spend the night in your guest room, you would hopefully know as much as possible regarding that individual before offering those accommodations…the same should hold true for a nation.

The 6-Iranian refugees granted Australian visas after claiming they were too scared to go home, however later caught going back on holiday, shouldn’t shock anyone, in that Iran is a dysfunctional régime and the biggest sponsor of international terrorism, logic would suggest that many citizens within that regime may be less than forthright, similar to someone living within a dysfunctional family…that’s the sad reality!

The fact that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton ordered the visas of the 6-Iranians to be canceled, actually illustrates a wider issue for the Australian Government and their immigration policies along with their vetting system. And although the 6-Iranian refugees had lied on their visa applications after they visited Iran voluntarily and returned to back to Australia, which no doubt is a severe violation of their immigration laws. The Australian courts overturned Dutton’s decision and ruled that the group could stay in the country.

Obviously, the parallels are striking to our own immigration issues and our vetting process, in that President Trump’s executive order of a temporary ban on those countries who pose a threat to our national security interests and the courts' willful infringement is another example of political correctness gone amuck.

Do you think Western governments are making huge mistakes on immigration due to liberal pressure for open borders?

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