As President Barack Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address Tuesday night, something terrible was happening to American soldiers a continent away. True to form, however, the president ignored the problem and focused on touting his own laurels.

The incident occurred when Iran captured and detained a small U.S. Navy boat with 10 U.S. sailors aboard in the Persian Gulf. Iran claimed that the boat had veered from its course and that it was trespassing in Iranian territorial waters.

All ten of the sailors were forced to kneel on the deck of their ship while their Iranian captors searched the boat. They were then taken ashore and detained by members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

In an effort to further humiliate the United States, the sailors' boots and equipment were taken from them and the female member of the crew was forced to wear the Muslim headscarf, the hijab, that Muslim women wear.

It's unclear why the boat was detained because it was following a normal route of travel from Kuwait to Bahrain. The Iranian allegation that the ship had deliberately entered Iranian territorial waters is far-fetched at best and hides the real motivation behind the detention of these American soldiers.

America has just given Iran its largest lifeline in years. Iran, a proud, Muslim country, likely wanted to push back against the power of the United States and reached out to disturb the United States in any way it could. Even when negotiations insured that the U.S. sailors would be returned safely and "promptly," Iran stretched its muscles by detaining the Americans overnight before eventually releasing them.

President Obama, true to form, ignored the problem and only offered a cowardly apology.

This only further proves the weakening of American might and power across the globe under a flimsy foreign policy espoused by Obama.

We need a strong American president who will stand up for our soldiers around the world and not cave in to the demands and timelines of terrorists.

h/t: Washington Free Beacon

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