Under President Barack Obama the United States has made a series of terrible moves with regard to international security. The worst decision, of course, was President Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran, something that is posing dire threats to the safety of America's ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Of course, the Obama administration would have everyone believe that a nuclear Iran can still be reined in and controlled. But it is now more clear than ever that this is, in fact, false.

Iran's military recently used a test-firing of some missiles to demonstrate the fact that they are poised to ignore any and all rules that Obama supposedly set up in his nuclear agreement.

Though the test-firing of missiles isn't necessarily noteworthy in and of itself, it was the message that the Iranians inscribed on their missiles that was.

"Israel must be wiped out," read Hebrew script on the side of the ballistic missiles.

A message like that leaves nothing to the imagination.

But Obama and his administration remain hoodwinked about the entire situation. They believe that Iran will hold fast to all parts of the agreement and that this recent demonstration is nothing to worry about.

Vice President Joe Biden was visiting in Israel when the Iranians launched their missiles with anti-Israel sentiment written on them. But he ignored the intention behind the message and said that the United States would take care of the situation.

"A nuclear-armed Iran is an absolutely unacceptable threat to Israel, to the region and the United States," said Biden. "And I want to reiterate which I know people still doubt here. If in fact they break the deal, we will act."

Biden is worse than Obama because he was in the Middle East when these missiles were launched and he still is ignoring the fact that a nuclear Iran is now poised to attack America's greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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