Hillary has been having some major troubles with scandals and FBI investigations as the election draws towards the Election Day. To make matters worse investigators just found something very shocking about Hillary's bank account, and it's very concerning.

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Eyeballs deep in scandals, Hillary has her fair share of work cut out for her before election day if she hopes to be our next president – but things aren’t getting any easier. In fact, investigative journalists with The Boston Globe were left shocked to see thousands upon thousands of dollars in Hillary’s bank account that really shouldn’t have been there.

According to CBS, a group by the name of The Thornton Law Firm has most recently been found to be complicit in one of the largest straw-donor schemes ever discovered. As it turns out, the group was using their partners to make donations, totaling numbers in the millions, and then reimbursing them with end-of-the-year bonuses.

Despite having just 10 partners, The Thornton Law Firm is one of the nation’s biggest political donors, dollar for dollar, with the group stuffing thousands into Hillary Clinton’s pockets – but that’s not all. Come to find out, the illegal donations have been flowing out of the businesses doors to all high-ranking members of the Democratic Party, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Harry Reid, and even President Barack Obama.

As outlined by Federal Law, partnerships, like the Thornton Law Firm, are limited to a maximum donation of $2,700 per candidate. However, by using its partners to funnel money to specific Democrats, the group was able to send a lot more money to them without detection.

In fact, just three of the partners, along with one of their wives, were able to forward a whopping $1.6 million, mostly to Democrats. Once investigators saw what had made it into the bank accounts of people like Hillary Clinton, they immediately went public.

There’s no question that the left is willing to stoop to whatever low they must in order to help get Hillary elected, but there apparently is no law they aren’t willing to break to make it happen. Unfortunately for Hillary and her leftist cohorts who have accepted the money given through straw donations, they’ve since been forced to give it all back.

As The Boston Globe reports, Hillary and Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh have already forked over the illegally obtained funds in order to distance themselves from the scandal. However, the recent events only go to show that this election is rife with fraud, despite what Hillary would have you believe.

The left is doing their best to lie, trick, and deceive the American people with the hopes of duping them into throwing one more vote in Hillary’s direction. Unfortunately for her, it’s not working, and as time goes on, the American people are getting a better look at the exact nature of their illegal efforts.

Hillary is losing, and her desperate actions only go to demonstrate that more and more these days. However, the American people will not stand for our voices to be cast aside, and this election to be stolen from us. Then again, Donald Trump isn’t going to have a hard time come election day if Hillary’s campaign continues in this direction. She may just be her own demise.

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Source: Mad World News

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