In separate interviews two ISIS fighters admitted that coalition air strikes combined with ground offensive of Kurdish fighters drove them out of Kobani

"Recently, we have withdrawn from Ayn Al-Islam bit by bit, because of the airstrikes and deaths of a number of our brothers," said one of the fighters interviewed.

The second fighter interviewed seemed somewhat horrified. In the interview he said the reason for the withdrawal from Kobani:

"we no longer had places to hold there. We were inside Ayn Al-Islam and we occupied more than 70%, but the airstrikes did not leave any building standing, they destroyed everything."

"I swear by God, their planes did not leave the air, day and night; they did airstrikes all day and night. They targeted everything. They even attacked vehicles; they have not left a building standing."

One of the factors which helped allied airstrikes is how few civilians were in Kobani since they fled as ISIS approached. In other cities with more civilians airstrikes will be more difficult. This is one reason Obama is criticized for not attacking ISIS earlier when they were travelling from city to city and airstrikes could clearly target ISIS fighters.


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