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There’s no doubt as this one plus minute video clip so graphically illustrates, that our superior technology in combating the Islamic State, aka ISIS is overpowering. Time and again we’ve witnessed our drones silently watching the enemy overhead in the most remote and hostile regents of the world and within seconds once we identify the target, that target is taken out with almost pinpoint accuracy.

This particular incident took place on or around June 29th, near the city of Fallujah, as an enemy convoy was spotted winding it’s way through the area, and once the target was identified two guided missiles were fired and within moments the convoy was destroyed.

The black and white video clip captures the moment of impact, as the convoy is immediately obliterated.

No doubt the face of warfare has changed forever, ironically while we now conduct war from thousands of miles away, in a fortified complex safe and secure, the barbarians are still locked within a 7th century mindset, and perhaps that’s the back story.

In that the brutality of terrorism makes no distinction, between the warrior or the innocent, and that’s perhaps the toughest battle of all, in that killing terrorist from the sky is an easy process, however changing the barbarian mindset is another issue

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Source: Live Leak

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