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President Obama, is yet again, schooling people of faith on what it is that is wrong with them, their beliefs and values, and how he, the great leader of the people, thinks things ought to be in this regard. Does it never stop with this guy?

Today’s lesson, children and friends, is about poverty. Poverty, according to Dear Leader, is more powerful than abortion and gay marriage in terms of what it is that churches should hold near and dear to their belief systems and faithful hearts. Apparently, poverty trumps the value systems of all respective faiths. Why does he think this? Who knows? He never explained himself. His speech writer must have forgotten that part of his diatribe.

While at Georgetown University partaking in a panel discussion, the President gave us insight into his personal beliefs and stated how this is what churches all around should be focusing on with respect to poverty and abortion:

“There is great caring and great concern, but when it comes to what are you really going to the mat for, what’s the defining issue … this is often times viewed as a ‘nice to have’ relative to an issue like abortion,” Obama said.

Abortion...meh! So says he.

Also, he decided it was time for a Sunday school lesson about poverty and the walk-of-faith, via what he took away from that which is talked of by Pope Francis:

“Nobody has shown that better than Pope Francis, who I think has been transformative just through the sincerity and insistence that this is vital to who we are, this is vital to following what Jesus Christ our Savior talked about.”

Maybe he has missed or completely ignored the great works of taking care of the poor among us by organizations such as Catholic Charities, Samaritan’s Purse, The Latter Day Saints, or the Salvation Army for crying out loud.

Oh by the way… is that poverty stricken brother of his over in Africa….has he done his Christian part and reached out give him a hand? Or is simply implying the rest of us should do as he says, but not as he does?

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