The parents of two little girls in the border town of Horizon City, Texas made a big mistake when they allowed a family “friend” from El Paso to stay with them during the holidays, and their poor judgment subjected the girls to a nightmare that will linger for years to come, although justice has been served already.

The “friend,” 20-year-old Joseph Hernandez, slipped into the bedroom of the young sisters, both under the age of 17, after the parents had gone to bed, got into bed with one of them and began to molest her.

The girl said she was “terrified and confused” when she became aware of what was happening and pretended to be asleep because she “did not know what to do.”

When Hernandez stopped touching her, she left the room, ostensibly to use the bathroom, but went to the kitchen instead.

Inexplicably, she did not go to her parents for help, but returned to the bedroom with own protection in case the man she recognized as the family friend started to touch her again.

When she entered the bedroom, she saw Hernandez in her sister’s bed, doing the same thing he had just done to her and overwhelmed with protective instinct, lunged at the rapist, stabbing him repeatedly with the knife she had brought from the kitchen for protection.

Police were called to the home and transported Hernandez and the victim to the hospital, where nursing staff confirmed that the girls had been “brutally” abused, although both little girls were too traumatized to explain what had happened.

Hernandez sustained what were termed, “serious stab wounds,” but survived and is being held on $100,000 bond for the assaults.

No charges will be filed against the child for defending her sister from sexual assault, but authorities may be looking into the circumstances that put the children in that position in the first place.

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